Navigator, currently in version 5.0, is the one-stop web and mobile site for all medical student online curricular resources. In its 14 years, Navigator has served faculty, students and administration at the UPSOM by providing an online location for class schedules, documents, and web learning resources.

In its latest version, Navigator boasts responsive web design, resizing and optimally reformatting to fit various mobile devices as well as laptop and desktop screens.

Every course in the first two years of the medical curriculum and all core clerkships in years three and four, have a presence on Navigator. Course schedules, documents, web resources, quizzes, simulated cases (vpSim) and more are co-located and organized in fashion compatible with the workflow of a medical student.

Communication and interaction between course faculty and students is facilitated through Course Director Blog. Integrated course feedback is possible using the “electronic suggestion box” and direct links to faculty email.

Learning Portfolios — feature of Nav5

A learning portfolio is a place to put “evidence of learning.” This evidence takes many forms from reflective comments from small group learning experiences to copies of published academic work. The Lab supports and customizes these portfolios to fit the curriculum and its needs for documenting learning and reporting progress.

Scholarly Project — a special type of portfolio

The UPSOM medical student scholarly project is part of the core, required curriculum involving students and their designated faculty mentors. A project may take the form of biomedical research work, new curricular offering, or a program of public service. Students conceive their projects and identify a mentor with related expertise. Over the course of their four years in school, students complete a project and share it with the local and national academic community.

The Lab developed a custom online portfolio system that allows students and their mentors to collaborate and document project plans and report progress on a regular basis.