The Learning Log application is used by UPSOM medical students to record clinical education patient encounters for review with faculty preceptors and for UPSOM institutional accreditation purposes.

The Learning Log application is used primarily by 3rd and 4th year students during their residencies. Clerkship directors and the Office of Medical Education use reports from the Learning Log to determine where there may be gaps in the types of patient encounters a student has had. Based on student feedback, the Lab is hoping to begin working on a more modernized version of the Learning Log which would facilitate faster encounter entry for students and enhanced reporting.

During the 2017- 2018 academic year, students recorded over 77,000 patient encounters (diagnosis and procedures) across 18 clerkships and SOM programs
1.       Adult Inpatient Medicine
2.       Advanced Physical Examination
3.       Anesthesia Core Clerkship
4.       Clinical Experiences
5.       Clinical Psychiatry Core Clerkship
6.       Combined Ambulatory Medicine and Pediatrics
7.       Combined Otolaryngology
8.       Family Medicine
9.       General Anesthesiology
10.   Health Care Among Underserved Populations
11.   Introduction to Clinical Neurosurgery
12.   Medicine Acting Internship
13.   Neurology Core Clerkship
14.   Obstetrics and Gynecology
15.   Pediatric Inpatient Medicine
16.   Psychiatry/Family Medicine Combined Elective
17.   Specialty Care
18.   Surgery and Perioperative Care Core Clerkship
19.   Volunteer Experiences